About Us

Since the incorporation of the Opera & Arts Support Group in 2000, our total commitment has been to assist young singers develop their expertise and reach their artistic potential.

Why Support Us?

We set the benchmark for which some other organisations struggle to match and lead the way with innovative events across a range of venues. Our Musical Theatre Evenings have become such a huge success others have tried to emulate in order to capitalise on the popularity of that style of music.

Our supporters and their friends have joined us interstate, with our very successful ventures into Melbourne and have had weekends away in the country, visiting places such as Orange and Gulgong.

It is in economic times such as these that the work we do becomes even more important as it becomes increasingly difficult for young artists to find the money need to help them further their musical careers.

So if your just discovering us for the first time or your already one of our many loyal supporters why not join us for one of our upcoming events or make a 100% tax deductible donation (click here for details)?

Enjoy great music, great company and best of all, you will be helping the education and training of our artists of the future.

How do we help artists?

To date, the OASG has raised and distributed over $800,000 in grants to very deserving singers and musicians. there is a real need of support for young artists in Australia.  Over the period from the late teens to late twenties, most young singers study at conservatoria, at post-graduate level, and afterwards, to consolidate their skills.

In particular, after formal study has finished, there is a period when singers are still maturing physically and artistically in this very demanding field.  it is in this period that it can be very difficult to find time to sing as well as pay for lessons, coaching and the other skills which need further development. the cost of tuition is great and the need for it does not diminish as young performers embark upon their career paths. a sustained effort over ten or so years of study is usually required before regular professional work can be expected.

With the main stage of the performing world being in the Northern Hemisphere and young Australian singers competing in an international arena where their overseas counterparts often receiving considerably more financial support, OASG offers a significant level of assistance in a wide variety of ways to young Australians in an attempt to try and level the playing field and further the development of young Australian artists.

Donations to the Opera & Arts Support Group Inc are fully tax deductible – Charity CFN 10745. ABN 24 304 772 801.